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Tire warmers

control unit TCU-Duo

Digital temperature control

For setting individual temperatures

If it is desired to set individual temperatures, we can offer the corresponding TCU Duo control unit for the proX-TCU tire warmer model.

The illuminated display is always easy to read, even in difficult lighting conditions.

The display automatically switches every 3 seconds between front / rear tires.

It is possible to preset two temperatures per tire up to a maximum of 120 ° C.

For example, a setup for rain tires and one for dry tires can be stored.

Two temperature levels can be preset and selected by means of the "high-low" switch.


Temperature indication is via an illuminated display that is always easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions. The display changes between front wheel and rear wheel every 3 seconds.

The color coding ensures an unambiguous assignment VR / HR. Two temperature levels can be pre-set with individual temperatures for VR / HR, eg VR 55 ° / HR 60 ° for "low level" and VR 85 ° C / HR 90 ° C for "high level". Via the red rocker switch, the two levels can be selected as fast as lightning, as needed.

The back of the case is provided with 4 small rubber feet, so that the device is non-slip. The two protective bars prevent mechanical damage to the display. The 230V power cord with Schuko plug and the two TCU wires to the tire warmers are just under 2m long.


Download product details (PDF)


  • Temperature setting up to 120 ° C
  • high / low level presettable
  • Fast switching high / low level
  • Illuminated display
  • Display guard
  • Price € 395, -
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The control unit KLS TCU Duo in detail


Illuminated temperature display for best readability.


High-low switch

Fast selection of 2 preset temperature levels eg for rain and dry tires


For setting the desired temperatures and on / off function of the two heating circuits


Depending on whether the LED 1 or 2 is lit, you know which heating circuit (VR or HR) is currently being displayed

connecting cables
Length 2m, color coded leads to the tire warmers

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