control unit TCU 4x1

Digital regulation

Individual temperature setting

With the TCU-4 × 1 control unit individual temperatures can be set for each tire up to 120 ° C. Temperatures up to 140 ° C have been heated in Formula 1 with our tire warmers, but the limitation to 120 ° C usually makes sense.

Via the high / low switch, 2 temperature levels can be preset and then selected as fast as needed by turning the switch over.

In addition to the display, there are additional LEDs for monitoring the heating mode.

The TCU-4 × 1 control unit has a customized ABS plastic housing for us. The displays are offset in the front panel to the rear to protect them against mechanical interference. The switches and LEDs are sunk accordingly and thus optimally protected for rough racing.

The back of the device is made of aluminum to ensure optimum heat dissipation of the power electronics. On the back plate, a corresponding holder (U-profile) is attached to the device, for example, to attach to the tire car.


Wear-free, fully electronic power electronics. Very accurate match of the displayed and the actual tire temperature.

Temperatures are individually adjustable for every tire in steps of 0.1 ° C. By default limit as the setting to 120 ° C, on request, this limit can be postponed.

The illuminated displays are easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions. Additional LEDs next to the displays to control the heating function.

The tailor-made ABS housing provides through appropriate recesses for good protection of the displays, switches and LEDs. At the same time, the aluminum rear wall serves to heat, dissipate the power electronics. Splash-water-resistant ventilation slits on the top and bottom sides ensure a healthy temperature inside the unit.

On the underside of the housing, the 4 cables to the 4 tire warmers are led out through high-quality cable guides. The services (about 1.8m) are color-coded to allow easy assignment to each tire. About a 2m long power line with Schukostecker is the 230V power supply.


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  • Digital temperature control
  • Adjustable up to 120 ° C
  • 4 display LEDs
  • Impact-resistant ABS housing
  • Color coding of the 4 tires
  • Good readability
  • high / low level presettable
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The control unit KLS TCU 4x1 in detail


display rule

Control display with illuminated display. Display can be switched off to hide the temperatures. High / low operation LED display.


color coding

"Front left, front right, back left and back right" are marked with the colors red / blue / black / yellow.



color coding

"Front left, front right, back left and back right" are marked with the colors red / blue / black / yellow.



Indicator LED

Active heating is signaled by the additional LEDs



High / low switching

Two independent temperature levels of the 4 tires can be preset, eg for rain and Trcoken tires. By switching the high / low switch the desired presetting can be selected



Power switch

The power switch has a thermal fuse for overcurrent. Mechanically protected by recessed mounting in the front panel


housing ventilation

for constant thermal conditions inside the device