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Topversion Tire heating blankets with control unit

Version with digital control unit TCU-4 × 1, Absolutely even and rapid warming of the tire surface without harmful local overheating.


With the "team" model, the entire width and circumference of the tire tread is heated to individually adjustable temperatures by means of the TCU-4 × 1 control unit.
You can find information about the functionalities of the control unit here.
With the TCU-4 × 1 digital control, the desired temperatures are achieved fastest and with the greatest accuracy. The same applies to the air pressure, those who value minimal deviations among the 4 tires will find the right tool with the TCU control.
For better handling, there is a connecting cable only approx. 20 cm long, including a lockable 7-pin special plug, on the heated tire blankets.
At the control unit, the supply lines are approx. 1.60 m long, loosely enough for heating in the stack. Appropriate TCU extension cables for heating on the car, are available separately.

Absolutely uniform heat transfer to the tire tread. No loss of grip due to local overheating as with conventional heating techniques.

As soon as the tire heated blankets are connected to the TCU, the ultra bright red LED lights up. When the TCU is switched off, the red LED also goes out, so the control activity of the TCU can be followed.

Only the highest quality materials from German production are used. A heat-resistant layer of NOMEX fabric on the inside, air- and water-repellent SUPERTEX on the outside.
Several layers of high-tech insulation felts ensure optimum thermal insulation.

We manufacture your KLS tire heating blankets in exactly the right sizes for you. This results in perfect coverage of the tire tread.
Standard sizes such as those offered by other manufacturers can lead to overheating if the overlap is too large or to incomplete heating if the overlap is too small.

A central velcro flap and quick-release side tensioning cords allow easy assembly / disassembly.
The sidewalls of the tire warmers are already provided with appropriate velcro if side covers (sold separately) are to be used.

The power supply of the TCU control unit is carried out via a 2m long connection cable with a Euro plug. 1.8m long connecting cables lead from the TCU control unit to the heated tire blankets, the electrical connection is made via 7-pin special plugs. A stable cable strain relief on the tire heated blankets ensures long-term problem-free operation.

As in Formula 1, the tire heating blankets are equipped with colored strips that are attached with Velcro. The strips are printed 3x on the circumference with “VL / VR / HL / HR” for easy assignment to the 4 wheels. Another individual imprint of name / team logo etc. is possible at an additional cost.
Colors: black, (neon) red, blue, (neon) yellow, orange, (neon) green, silver gray and some more on request.

4 side covers are included with the “team” tire heather covers.
Both when heating in the stack and when heating directly on the car, we recommend the use of side covers.
In the stack, the side covers between the tires prevent a "chimney effect", in which the warm air in the interior of the tire stack collects primarily in the upper area. This would mean that between bottom and top tire, different rim temperatures and air pressures would result.

When heating on the car, the side covers prevent the rim from cooling down and thus causing an unwanted drop in tire pressure

A practical transport bag is included in the scope of delivery for safe storage and transport of the tire heated blankets. This is water-repellent, tear-proof and equipped with 2 large carrying handles.

In Formula 1 or the DTM, the requirements in terms of reliability are enormous. Our decades of experience in this field also pays off for you in the form of an outstanding service life of the tyre heating blankets. In order to maintain our quality level, KLS tyre heating blankets are 100% handmade in Germany.


Download product details (PDF)


  • KLS heating technology
  • Including digital TCU control unit
  • Individual temperature control
  • 4 side covers included
  • Removable colored "strip"
  • Indicator LED
  • Outer material "SuperTex"
  • Heating time approx. 20 min.
  • Price (per set, plus VAT): from € 3.849,-.
  • We look forward to your Request!


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Mail: info@kls.de

The KLS GP-X1 team in detail

tire designation

For an unambiguous assignment to the vehicle, each strip (3x distributed around the circumference) is printed with VL, VR, HL or HR.

window pocket

Insertion possibility for tire information (type, tire pressure, set number etc.)

Cable strain relief

Stable cable strain relief ensures a long service life and avoids defects at this critical point

Indicator LED

ultra bright LED to indicate heating operation

Central Velcro Flap

For quick and easy installation

KLS heating technology

Specially developed KLS heating technology, extremely even, fast and reliable.

Assembly quick clamping system

Specially developed quick-release system in which the tensioning cords are fixed to the hook of the warmer. So they are tidy and do not run the risk to pinch somewhere (brakes, wheel hub)

color strip

Velcro fastened color strips for individual design. Interchangeability allows color change or renewal in case of contamination. Individual lettering / logo possible

TCU connector

waterproof, lockable 7-pin special plug for TCU operation.

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