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Fast but even

Many materials (especially tires!) To be heated, have at the same time a poor thermal conductivity. Conversely, this means that the heat is not distributed in the component, but must already be introduced evenly to achieve the desired result. KLS has the solution for this in the form of extremely uniform heating technologies.

THE problem

Local overheating

The thermographic representations of other makes best illustrate the problems of other heating technologies. The dark coloured lines indicate local overheating. The light grey coloured areas indicate a temperature of approx. 80-85°C.

The local overheating is later even visually recognisable on the tyre. Here, the much too high temperature drives softener components from the tyre compound to the surface. The tyre loses grip and durability before it even touches the asphalt of a race track.

at KLS heated tires are no local overheating present and it is a uniform gray color (~ 85 ° C) recognizable.

THE solution

KLS heater 2.0

The image of the KLS-heated tyre shows no thermal hotspots as with other heating systems. Our heating technologies apply the heat very quickly, but also extremely evenly. For the tyre compound, this is the gentlest way of heating, which is rewarded with maximum grip on the track. With technologies that are unsuitable from our point of view (see above), the tyre compound already loses valuable grip and service life during the heating process.

Not only can we do it quickly and evenly, we can also do it for a long time! In addition to the advantages mentioned above, our technology is also characterized by its enormous load capacity and service life.

Motorrad Reifenwaermer Kls Heiz Beispiel

Tire warmers


The KLS heating technology in detail

Waermebild Kls Reifenwaermer Formel 1 Rad Hinten
Thermal image of a Formula 1 tyre heated with KLS heating technology

The decisive criterion of our heating technologies is the very narrow or almost flat structure of our heating elements. Only then can the heat be introduced very quickly but still gently and without local overheating (hotspots) with high specific heating power. With an infrared camera, the uniformity of the temperature distribution can be beautifully depicted.

advantages the KLS heating technologies

High specific heating capacities possible for shortest heating times

Extremely even heat distribution

Precise and reproducible temperature values

High thermal and mechanical strength

Long life and reliability in operation

Highest quality materials from German production