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Our top model out MotoGP and World Superbike

The choice of motoGP and WSB top stars Marc Marquez and Jonathan Rea.

Extremely fast and even warming of tire and rim with our unique, advanced carbon fiber 2.0 technology. For details see below under "Description". The already enormous lifetime (> 15 years are not uncommon) increases again.

Temperatures up to 120 ° C freely selectable via TCU-Duo control unit. Two temperature levels (eg rain and dry tires) can be preselected and selected by means of a rocker switch. Large illuminated display for best readability.

Asymmetric heating profile: In the sloping area, the proX has an approx. 15% higher heating capacity to ensure sufficient curve grip even with short heating times. The attached by Velcro color "Strip" can be cleaned in case of contamination or can be replaced with a different color request.

Also available as a heat-resistant Vollnomex version, for motorcycles where the exhaust pipe is kept very close to the tire.

Why KLS tire warmers?

KLS Heating technology 2.0


In the model KLS proX-TCU Our newly developed carbon fiber heating technology 2.0 is used. So far, our heating fabric consisted only of longitudinal carbon filaments. After very extensive tests we can now offer our "Carbon Fiber Heater 2.0". The carbon threads are now arranged in a kind of lattice structure. Damage to a carbon thread, eg due to mechanical overload, no longer leads to damage or failure of the tire warmer.

The well-known uniformity and rapid warming remains unchanged in Version 2.0. However, the durability and service life is multiplied by this new development. Countless GP winners and world champions rely on our superior heating technology. The fastest possible warming of tire and rim without local overheating on the sensitive tire rubber ensure maximum grip and durability!
Only the proX has an asymmetric heating profile: In the inclined area of the tire, approx. 15% more heat output is produced than in the middle tread area. This ensures that even with short heating times of the inclined area provides sufficient grip.

Another unique feature of the proX: 3-dimensionally preformed heating elements for optimum fit / heat transfer and a long service life.

The proX-TCU is equipped with a special lockable, waterproof special plug. It can therefore be connected and operated with the TCU-Duo control unit. The tire warmer has a special KLS temperature sensor. This allows digital setting, display and regulation of front and rear tire temperatures.
Tire temperatures up to 120 ° C can be preset.

More details about the TCU control unit can be found here

At 20 ° C ambient temperature approx. 20 minutes at 90 ° C tire temperature and approx. 45 ° C rim temperature. Thanks to the special KLS temperature sensor, even faster heating can be achieved than with thermostat operation!

The proX-TCU is equipped with a red LED in addition to the digitally lit display. The red LED indicates the active heating mode.

Outer material and strip from "SuperTex". Airtight, heat-storing, water-repellent, dirt-repellent, washable!
Inside: The high quality and heat resistant "NOMEX"!

Also available as VOLLNOMEX-VERSION with red, blue or black strip. Inside and outside material here made of high heat resistant NOMEX.
For motorcycles where the exhaust pipe is very close to the tire (approx. <50mm), it is recommended to use the Vollnomex version. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the tire warmer when installing or operating the tire heater with a very hot exhaust pipe.

The sidewalls extend far down the side over the rim flange to protect the sidewalls of the tire and the rim from the cold wind. On the one hand, this improves the suspension properties of the tire and ensures a more constant tire air pressure due to a slightly higher rim temperature.

A central hook-and-loop strap and elastic bands on the side allow quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

For the first fixation on the tire, our tension spring incorporated in the tire warmer (protected by a registered design!) Has proved its worth. The fumbling threading a cross-strap through the rims deleted.

The power supply is via a 70cm long connecting cable which is connected to the approximately 2m long supply lines of the control unit. The secure connection is made using a Formula 1 proven screw-on 4-pin connector.
A stable cable strain relief on the tire warmer ensures trouble-free operation.

The basic color of the tire warmer is always black on the proX-TST.
Available stripe colors: black, red, light blue, royal blue, neon green, neon pink, orange, neon yellow, yellow, silver gray, gray.
Sizes: 110-17 ", 120-17", 165-17 ", 180-190-17", 195-200-17 "," 205-17 "
(Other sizes on request, simply state your tire sizes when ordering.

Any names or logos can be printed. Ideal not only for your advertising purposes, but also as anti-theft protection.

Surcharge per set: € 50


Download product details (PDF)


  • New carbon fiber heating technology 2.0
  • TCU Duo temperature control
  • Heating time approx. 25 min.
  • Asymmetrical heating profile
  • XXL side covers
  • 3D fit 4-fold elastics
  • Quick release system
  • Interchangeable color strip
  • Price (plus VAT): from € 995,-.

Color variants - standard

Color variants - Nomex

Do you have questions about this product? 
FON: +49 (0) 89 - 379 523 06
Mail: info@kls.de

The KLS proX-TCU in detail

Quick release system

The integrated in the tire warmer retaining clip allows for extremely easy installation

Cable strain relief

Stable cable strain relief ensures a long service life and avoids defects at this critical point

Carbon fiber heater 2.0

Our new carbon fiber technology has so far proved to be almost indestructible

Hooks and eyes

Lateral plastic hooks for quick and easy installation

Indicator LED

Red LED to indicate heating operation

color strip

Exchangeable color strip, many colors available to match your motorcycle

TCU connector

70cm power cord with TCU special plug

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