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For customers

Support even after the purchase

We as a specialist Manufacturer, can offer you even after the purchase a fast and competent service. 

Unlike other suppliers that sell only imported goods from (far) East, we can assist you from a technical point of view.

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KLS service

All-round check

KLS tire warmers usually provide their owner with many years of loyal service. 

Depending on the frequency of use, it makes perfect sense after a few years of use Tire warmers to send one to us All-round check.

Check heating fabric

by means of high-resolution infrared camera. Here we can make irregularities and possibly damage visible, even before real damage develops.

Test bench run with real-time temperature control

On our in-house tire warmer test bench, we can read the temperatures prevailing in the tire live and without measuring errors and readjust if necessary.

Visual inspection externally
on any damage or wear.
All-round check - Services
  • Check heating fabric with infrared camera
  • test run with real time temperature control.
  •  external visual inspection

KLS service


When used properly, KLS tire warmers are extremely faithful companions over many years. However, if it ever comes to damage, but we help quickly and competently. As a manufacturer, we know our products inside out and know what to do in the event of a fall, to make your tire warmers afloat within a few days.

If you want to send in a repair, please send it to our address (see CONTACT). You are welcome to attach both warmer (including the undamaged). We can then also subject this to a quick check. 

Upon receipt of your shipment, we will contact you as soon as possible with an offer. On this basis, we can work together to develop the best possible solution.

Package submission for repair

Please send us the following:

  • defective (or both if necessary) Tire warmers
  • short Error Description
  • Sender, e-mail address, telephone number

KLS service

Team Service

For professional teams of the MotoGP or formula 1 It is now standard to send all their equipment to us after a long racing season for a routine check and service / update. 

Certain wear parts are exchanged here by default, the rest carefully checked and tested. So the next season can come and one achieves an even higher reliability. 

For this service please in advance Contact with us and arrange a corresponding service appointment.

After season check Services
  • functional test
  • exchange wear
  • Possibly. Installation of Updates