KLS heating solutions for motorsport and industry

Uniform, durable and individual

These keywords describe the cornerstones of our technology. Whatever you want to heat, we will achieve one extremely uniform heating in a lot short time, In addition our products are characterized by an enormous durability, also under highest mechanical stress. We manufacture precisely to your individual requirements.

formula 1



automobile racing

7 out of 10 Formula 1 teams rely on products from KLS. 

In the DTM, only KLS tire warmers are used. 

But many private drivers who value quality and service are also among our customers.

motorcycle racing

In all motorcycle racing classes are already countless World Cup titles obtained with our products.

With our model range we have the right one for you Hobby driver up to the MotoGP World Champion.

Individual heating solutions

individual heating solutions

Our innovative heating technology also finds application in many different forms outside of motorsport. So we could for various industrial projects already deliver flexible surface heating systems that have proven their worth in practice.

Some application examples:
Pipe heating, Shoe heater, Shock absorber heater, Hydraulic cylinder heating, Tire bead heater, Container heating, Tubs heating, Oil drum heating etc.