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KLS Pro-Ultimate-Rim


Our top model from MotoGP and World Superbike with separate rim heater

Developed with Marc Marquez and the KTM MotoGP® factory team, the KLS Pro Ultimate Rim offers the exact rim temperature and tyre pressure as in racing mode right from the pits. This protects the tyres. And when it comes down to it in the last third of the race, the grip is there.
Where the tyre pressure is right, the head is free and the confidence is there.
The KLS Pro Ultimate Rim uses the maximum surface area to apply heat to the tyre and rim. Even the sidewalls are heated directly. A separate heating element only for the sidewall and rim guarantee maximum heat input. Behind this is the
KLS-Gridcoat-Tex heating fabric technology, our Consistent further development of our proven carbon fibre heating fabric. Successfully tested in Formula 1 as well as in MotoGP® and World Superbike: Ultra flexible and extremely stable against changing bending stress. Elaborately preformed, close-fitting, easy to install. Due to the KLS typical absolutely even heat transfer, particularly gentle on the sensitive rubber compound of the tread, it also shortens the warm-up time. The grip fits right to the finish line. And the head is free.

Why KLS tyre warmers?

KLS Heating Technology 2.0


The heating elements for the tyre sidewalls and rims start directly after the tread heating. This way, on the one hand, the maximum surface area is used for heat input, and on the other hand, a thoroughly heated sidewall also improves the suspension characteristics and thus the grip of the tyre. The tyre pressure is already brought up to race level in the pits by heating the rim!

The ProX-Ultimate-Rim is equipped with a special lockable, waterproof 7-pin plug. This allows it to be connected and operated with the TCU-Duo-rim control unit. One control unit per tyre warmer is included in the delivery. The tyre warmer contains a special KLS temperature sensor system, separate for tyre and rim. This enables the digital setting, display and control of the tread temperature on the one hand and the rim temperature on the other. Separate tyre and rim temperatures of up to 120°C can be preset.

Two different preset temperature levels can be selected in seconds via a rocker switch.

In the model KLS Pro-Ultimate-Rim our now available Gridcoat-Tex heating technology is used. Our benchmark in terms of absolutely even heat transfer and enormous service life was our proven carbon fibre heating technology 2.0.

Extensively tested by our Formula1, MotoGP and World Superbike customers, now available in Pro-Ultimate rim.

At 20°C ambient temperature, approx. 20 minutes to 90°C tyre temperature and approx. 90°C rim temperature. The special KLS temperature sensor technology ensures precise accuracy between the tyre/rim temperature displayed on the control unit and the actual temperature.

The ProX-Ultimate-rim is equipped with a red LED in addition to the digital illuminated display of the TCU control unit. The red LED signals the active tyre heating mode.

Outer and inner material made of extremely robust and heat-resistant Nomex®. 

A central hook-and-loop strap and side hook-and-loop fasteners enable easy and quick assembly and disassembly. The extremely complex three-dimensional preforming results in an optimal fit for best heat transfer.

Power is supplied to the tyre warmer via an approx. 70cm long connection cable, which is connected to the approx. 2m long supply cables of the control unit. The secure connection is made via a Formula 1-tested screwable 4-pin plug.
A stable cable strain relief on the tire warmer ensures trouble-free operation.

The following strip colours are available:

Nomex: red, blue, black

Standard: red, blue, black, neon yellow, orange, green, silver grey, yellow, grey.

(If the distance to the exhaust pipe is small, we recommend Nomex).


Front 120/125-17"

Rear 200-17-standard (~206-208cm circumference)

Rear 200-17-bigsize (~211cm circumference)

Any names or logos can be printed. Ideal not only for your advertising purposes, but also as anti-theft protection.

Surcharge per set: € 50


Download product details (PDF)


  • With separate rim heating
  • 100% heat resistant Nomex
  • TCU-Duo-Rim temperature control
  • Gridcoat-Tex Heating Technology
  • Heating time approx. 25 min.
  • 3-dimensional preformed
  • Easy assembly
  • Interchangeable colour strip
  • Price (plus VAT): from € 1.639,-


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The KLS Pro-Ultimate-Rim in detail

Scope of delivery

Two TCU-Duo-Rim control units are included per set of Pro-Ultimate-Rim.


One control unit per tyre warmer regulates the temperatures separately for tyre tread and rim/sidewall

3D fit

The 3-dimensional preforming ensures a tight fit and optimal heat transfer


Left without rim heating, right with rim heating. This opens up completely new dimensions, not only in terms of tyre pressure.

Heating profile

Separately adjustable heating area A for tyre sidewalls and rim, separate heating area B for tyre tread

color strip

Interchangeable colour strip, many colours available to match your motorbike design

Cable strain relief

Stable cable strain relief ensures a long service life and avoids defects at this critical point

Indicator LED

Red LED to indicate heating operation

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