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The company

From hobby room to global player...

The year was 1988, and Klaus Leonhardt, who later became the founder of the company, rolled out of the pit lane of the Misano racetrack in his legendary Bimota YB4. Just at this moment, another Bimota rider sweeps across the start and finish line, with whom he had wanted to do a few laps all weekend.
So nothing but behind and 2 curves later the beautiful Bimota flies into the corner because of cold tyres.

Relatively at the same time appear in the GP circus first tire warmers, which one called however in the paddock rather as "tire griller". At least Sepp Schlögl (friends for many years) approached Klaus, if you could not build something where it does not smell like burnt rubber in the box ...

Handmade in Germany

The picture shows a small batch of Formula 1 electric blankets ready for delivery.

The breakthrough...

Two good reasons for the engineer to come up with something sensible and so, after some development time, a patent application was filed for a carbon fibre heating fabric for racing tyres that is still unique today. Initially, the entire production process took place in his own converted hobby cellar.

As early as 1990, the entire world elite in the 125cc-500cc classes relied on heating technology from KLS. Among them were legends like Schwantz, Lawson, Rainey, Gardner, Kocinski, Mamola and Doohan. In the years that followed, countless motorbike world champions were equipped with KLS products.

The first successes in motor racing were achieved with ABT-Audi as early as the end of the 1990s.

The offspring...

In 2000, son Tobias completed his studies in automotive engineering and decided to join KLS. He took over the entire production area and rented larger commercial premises for this purpose.

The steadily growing success (DTM, Formula 1, motoGP, etc.) of KLS made it too small again after just under 3 years, so that they had to expand again significantly close to home.

Within a few years, half the Formula 1 field was equipped with tyre and rim heating technology.

In 2010, family, friends and the company were hit by a heavy loss: Klaus Leonhardt passed away on 7 May 2010 after a long illness. His son Tobias succeeded him and is now in charge of the KLS company. 10 years of intensive apprenticeship with his father and "boss" ensure the successful continuation of the company.

Also in this turbulent year, new and somewhat larger operating rooms are moved into Baierbrunn.

Since 2015, the DTM has relied exclusively on products (tyre warmers and control units) from KLS. After 20 out of 22 drivers had used KLS tyre warmers before anyway, the step to becoming the sole supplier was no longer a big one. More than 800 KLS heated blankets are in use here.

In 2003, the first Formula 1 team relied on our heating technology; as of 2019, there are 7 teams. Approximately 1,100 (!) electric blankets and a little less than 300 control computers are in continuous successful use here.